Common description of a mythical Cherufe.

The Cherufe are a race of mythical lava-dwelling beast in Chilian myths. They usually are blamed for eruptions in volcanoes or earthquakes that occur in Chile.

In MythosEdit

Cherufe, like all monsters found there way to the Monster Dimension and ended up on the planet of Mythos.

Deep within Mythos is cherufe king who dwells in the volcano that protected the reptilian egg from the outside world.

In NukeKomixEdit

Cherufe as a species occurs in NukeKomix a race living on Mythos. These Cherufe were native to a large basin of active volcanoes. King of the basin and the Cherufe held a dark secret. He had been harboring the last son of Iguanis, the Egg of Iguanis


One particular cherufe kidnapped Wesrepto in one of the hero's vivid flash backs.