DarkBlaze is man whom found himself trapped in an evil dimension and was driven insane and was on the loose and wanted revenge to who trapped him there and with his partner InfiniteBlaze they went  on a journey to discover the secret of why he was there.

Infinite BlazeEdit

Long before DarkBlaze the hero known as InfiniteBlaze was a member of the legendary Outkast Krew. He was a being straight out of the underworld. He was a Nether born, the ancient protectors of the Nether, on a journey that would change his life forever he ventured to the overworld where he became a founding member of the Outkast.

The TwoEdit

On a mission to destroy the Krimson Drone built by Sid Corneelius, InfinteBlaze was hit by a ray from the drone's exterior and cast down to the bottom of the nether world. When he woke he wasn't him anymore he was the crazed new hero known as DarkBlaze. The blow to the head he experienced was too much to bear and the former Outkast was transformed into the savior of the Nether.


Dark had no memory of his past and would eventually view him being in the Nether as a trap by a local Nether force villain. In the back of his cloudy mind he knew who he was and projected his former self into a companion who would be with him until he recovered from hid state of mind.


Soon after the loss of their former member the Outkast Krew disbanded due to the fact that many of their members had disappeared in the last battle againdt Sid Corneelius's Krimson Drone. InfiniteBlaze was assumed to be dead, Brother Grim was lost in a parralell universe, and DarkInferno retired back to his home deep within the End. Two years after the disbanding of the team, DarkInferno made his way to the Nether where he met the now DarkBlaze. It took a couple of weeks but DarkBlaze started to remember his Enderborn counterpart and fellow founding member of the Outkast. After regaining his full memory he set out with DarkInferno to stop the evils of the universe and wait till the Outkast were needed once more.