Professor Sy

Professor Sy in Minecraft.

Professor Sy wasn't always such a bad guy. But now he's a ruthless maniac obsessed with destroying the Outkast Krew.


The immortal human, Sid Corneelius wasn't always a mad man, he was a quiet kid in Wisconsin back in 1906. But in 1922 everything changed, after his mother and father passed away in the hands of a psycho killer, Sid went mad. He wanted to exact his revenge on the world. He became obsessed with Victor Frankenstein and the powers of life. After many attempts of creating life(Curdle was his first attempt) he finally was successful. He begun recruiting scientists and monster enthusisastics from all across the globe. He soon became known as "King Monster". He decided to debut his first creation to the most famous monster hunter, Wesrepto. He trapped the hunter, in his bunker in the backwoods of Tasmania in 1941. After Wesrepto escaped he began to track the mad down. Sid recruited hundreds of monsters,robots,mutants,and aliens over the years.

Some attributes
First Name: Sid Corneelius
Second Species: Human
Third World: Earth
Other attributes
Fourth Attack Style: None


The strangest thing about Sid is that even as a human he grew up with immortality. His parents had never told him how he became immortal but he suggests he was born with the gift. Sid first found out he was immortal when he was diagnosed with an alien disease(another possible guess to his immortality) that would eventuall kill him in the following year. When the time came for the young Sid to perish he miracuosly lived but at a terrible cost, he would later lose his mind.

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