Wesrepto in Minecraft.

One of the many members of the Outkast Krew. This hero is truly a force to be reckoned with. He is a reptilian(hence the name) but came to earth to stop a terrible threat, Sid Corneelius!




Wesrepto is a reptilian who is the great-great-grandson of Master Iguanis. He is one of the founders of the Outkast Krew. And leader of the Delta Team.

Some attributes
First Name:Wesley Xaviers
Second Speices:Reptilian
Third Attack Style:Brute force/Sword
Other attributes
Fourth World:Earth


Wesrepto being related to the immortal god of reptiles, inherited the immortal abilities but did not realize it until 1804. In 1804 Wesrepto was supposed to die at the hands of a golem commanded to kill the hero. Shocked to still be alive, the hero still lives and may never die.


Wesrepto the hunter

The HunterEdit

Since the 1700s Wesrepto battled against monsters,aliens and everything evil. Being a form of monster it is hard for him to kill and fight other un-earthly beings. But he does know that not all monsters are bad.

OutKast KrewEdit

In a desperate attempt to stop Sid Corneelius from destroying the world, Wesrepto and three other heroes formed the Outkast Krew to stop the opposing threat.

Egg of IguanisEdit

After Wesrepto discovered he was related to the father of all reptilians he also discovered a terrifying secret. A secret prophecy that stated the end to all reptilians if the last of Master Iguanis's children. The unborn child of the king of reptiles lay deep within the ancestral Cherufe volcano on Mythos. To stop the end of his kind Wesrepto would have to venture deep within the heart of Mythos,the monster planet. The Egg of Iguanis holds the dark entity soon to be known as Oniray.